Letter to parents and students

Hi Aviation students! 

Well this sure put an interesting twist into our aviation related learning. I'm in the middle of preparing the materials we'll need to fly to the end of the school year in this weird time so thank you for your patience and continue to revisit this space for updates on what we'll be doing.

Briefly, we'll be focusing on meteorology, flight instruments and human factors. I hope to have a few video lessons prepared for you that you'll be able to watch at your leisure added here so you have something else to watch between your Netflix binging episodes :) Also, I'll have some paper based activities for you to complete with the assistance of your From the Ground Up and Flight Training Manual available for pick up or as a downloadable document from here over the coming days.

In the meantime, please explore the different aviation pages and links below. You'll find a variety of different videos and links that will tease your flying curiosities. Recently, I added a link to the Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge below. It's the American version of our Flight Training Manual. It's much more picture friendly.

If you haven't already, check out the Redbird Virtual Lab where they are offering a free introduction to aviation certificate just for following along watching the videos and completing a basic quiz for each module. It's a fun set of videos so far and the quizzes are quite simple and fun. Check it out!


I have been busy repairing a set of fiberglass amphibious floats for my SuperCub in the evenings so if you look up in the sky one day and see a red and white float plane - wave!

Please stay tuned to this space for more detailed information coming soon.

~Mr. Sundahl

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About the NVSS Aviation Course

A partnership between NVSS and the Vanderhoof Flying Club, the aviation course has been running successfully since 2016.

Andy Sundahl is a teacher and class II flight instructor and has been teaching since 1988. Contact him for more information. asundahl@sd91.bc.ca

250-567-7834 or 250-567-2291

Aviation Course Resources

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Transport Canada's

Flight Training Manual Exercises


Air Law

Rules of the Air

Canadian Aviation Regulations

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Airframes Engines & Systems

Mechanics of Flight




Charts Trip Planning

How to get there by air


Theory of Flight

How Airplanes fly





Reports Forecasts Theory


Human Factors

Pilot Decision Making

Medical Factors

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