Welcome to



Welcome to Photo 11-12 everyone! This semester

will be very busy as well as weird with COVID

impacting everything we do so it is very important

that we all work and support each together. There

are 28 photo assignments so it is also important to

manage your time wisely.

The first task that you will be doing is building a Wix

website. Your website is a communication tool that

links you to me. All projects you do will be uploaded to this site. I will mark all your projects on your website. As a precautionary measure make sure you save your projects to your pictures folder or the p: drive or even on a flash drive.


There are no excuses for not having your work saved some where. 

There will be times when you have questions regarding the camera that I may not be able to answer and there may be times where you can answer my questions. I will do my best if I don't know the answer to find it out for you. But you will have to be patient. Often your neighbor in class might have your answer.

The following is a list of expectations for this semester:


- Arrive on time with a good attitude.

- Be courteous and polite. In essence be a good classroom citizen.

- No food or drink will be permitted near the computers.

- Come prepared with all the required equipment.

- Work hard to the best of your ability.

- Be a trusting and courteous member of the community when signed out taking pictures.

- Always make sure you sign out with Mr. Sundahl and at the front desk with Ms. Foley when leaving the building.

You will need the following supplies for this course.


1. Camera this can include any digital camera or our class provided camera

2. Memory Card for your camera (these will not be supplied)

3. A thumb drive for backing up or transferring photos (optional).


*Remember it is your responsibility to bring cameras and supplies to class every day.

Good Luck this year and have fun !

Mr. Sundahl



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