Well then! We sure weren't expecting this were we? As strange as it is, these social distancing guidelines will also allow us to try a few different ways to learn stuff. Just click the above subjects for assignments and challenges.

What a great opportunity this is! You are the active participant in your own learning. My role is as a guide and reference for you to ask questions, bounce off ideas, ask advice and to encourage your creative process. Emailing is the best way for me to support you:

  1. Ask and question - what's cool to me? What do I want to try?

  2. Investigate - how can I do that? Where can I find a tutorial on that?

  3. Create - do it! Figure it out. Experiment. Try all the things :)

  4. Discuss - Share what you did.

  5. Reflect - What did you learn? 


Photography students are mostly all set. Keep snapping and updating your portfolio websites. I'll be posting special tips and challenges to the Photography page over the coming days and weeks so keep checking.


Media Arts students, I have a few cool free media programs you'll be able to download and experiment with from home. I'll add more details on this page over the coming weeks. I hope to make up a few tutorials as well that I'll post here so keep checking.


Aviation students can watch the Aviation page for activities instructions and maybe some tutorials over the coming weeks as well.

Our goal over the next several weeks is to have fun learning how to learn in this new strange environment. I'm up for the challenge and I hope you are too as we figure this out together :)

                                                                                                                                ~ Mr. Sundahl