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Letter to Parents and Students





Good Morning to the Students that are enrolled in Mr. Mueller’s Art Classes from grades 9-12. I trust you are all well and eager to get creative! This without a doubt is going to be a new way for both students and teachers to interact and to learn and to teach. All our learning curves will be challenged in a variety of ways. I believe we as a collective can look at this as an awesome opportunity to challenge ourselves, to explore, and collaborate with each other.

For you parents you are going to get a firsthand look at how creative your son or daughter can be. It always amazes me what they come up with, and how much they improve through the creative process. Parents feel free to try your hand in some of the projects that your kids are working on as you might discover something amazing. I know when I was a young boy my mom signed me up for pastel lessons up at CNC, I was excited about this course, but discovered later that I was also booked into a basketball camp on the same weekend, so I was unable to attend. My mom decided that she would take the course and discovered that she really enjoyed it. She found great joy in pastel drawing and went on to produce some very good landscape drawings. So, parents have fun, and try some of these projects, you may discover why your kids are so talented. I can’t think of a more awesome way to connect with your Son or Daughter.


I want all of you to know that I really miss seeing you guys every day, the creative energy that you bring reinforces to me why I chose to become an art teacher. I have always felt it is my privilege to have the opportunity to work with such great kids every day. The enthusiasm for learning new ways to create is contagious, and that motivates me to make the classroom environment a welcoming safe place to develop that creative ability.


Now the question is how can we for the next two months keep our creative momentum going? Through inquiry based learning we can follow this creative process: Ask, Investigate, Create, Discuss, and reflect. You will find more on Inquiry based learning on the website.


For grades 11’s and 12’s you are familiar with this process, look at the course out line that is posted on the website, select a project and continue with your course. You will only be required to complete three projects for the end of the year. If you need supplies, or you need your folder, pick up can be arranged. Please phone the school for a pickup time and email me, I will put together a package for you.


For grades 9-10 you had just three projects left in this term to complete the course. Pastel landscape, print making, and paper-Mache’ were the three projects. Unfortunately, all three of these projects will be difficult to complete at home due to the availability of supplies. (if you have these supplies and you would like to try the project you are more than welcome) I have two classes of art 9-10, roughly 50 students, so sending individual supplies home to each student is going to be difficult. I have in place of these projects provided some replacement assignments that will give you a fun variety to try. Grade 9-10 will only be required to complete 3 of these assignments for the last term. If you have another assignment that interests feel free to send me a proposal, and we will talk about it. If you need supplies, or you need your folder, pick up can be arranged. Please phone the school for a pickup time and email me, I will put together a package for you.


Below you will find some answers for some of your questions


How will I find my assignments?

Assignments can be found on the Nechako Valley Secondary Fine Arts Website go to: On the Website you will find the Tab Mr. Mueller “click” on that tab and various headings will pop up, choose the one that applies to you. If you do not have access to technology hard copies of all the information will be provided and packaged up for pick up at the school.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you need this.


What is expected in the next two months?

Due to extenuating circumstances expectations have changed. Time, availability of supplies is different than it would have been if you were attending school. We have lost a week in transition, and because of that we have adapted our expectations for the remainder of the term. Please refer to details above, and on the website for further information.


How do I communicate with my teacher if I have questions?

There are two ways in which to communicate with me:

  1. Email or phone the school at 250 567 2291. Mr. Sundahl and I are currently working a communication route on the website, and we will keep you posted on this as it develops.


How will I be assessed on my projects?

For grade 11-12’s your assessment will continue much as it was before, remember to use the “inquiry-based” learning process that is out lined in your course outline.


For grade 9-10’s the inquiry-based learning process will help as well (use the art 12 outline for reference)


What if I don’t have the necessary supplies to do specific assignments?

If you don’t have the necessary supplies for your projects, depending on what you need I may have some for you here at the school, please email me and we can discuss various strategies for getting around issues.


How can I help my son or daughter if I’m unsure?

Feel free to give me a call and I would be happy to walk you through any challenging concepts.

Once again, I am excited to see what we can create in these next two and a half months, take pictures of your creative process, take pictures of your art, email or phone me with questions. Remember art should not be stressful, it should be fun and relaxing, use it as a brain break away from your academics, but most of all just have fun creating! I can’t wait to hear from you and to see what you’re doing 😊




Mr. Mueller