Photos of the week themes will be posted here for the rest of the term. Your challenge is to creatively produce at least one photo that evokes the emotion or idea behind the theme and post them to a dedicated "Photos of the Week" gallery on your website. Please include the theme as a label or title for each of your photos.

Remember your photos will be assessed using the following rubric out of 9:
1. Criteria - Did you follow the theme? 

2. Technique - Did you use strong camera technique including lighting sources and camera settings? Does your photograph demonstrate your understanding of the elements of composition? 3

3. Creativity - Does your photo show creativity, a fresh idea, or a unique interpretation of the theme? You could include dynamic perspectives and the assistance of Adobe Photoshop tools for effect but do not over do it! 3


Here we are at the beginning of a new school year. As strange as it is, we can choose to make our new beginning an optimistic start.


The slate is clean and we can start fresh and new. Nature reminds us how life is constantly being renewed and refreshed with the seasons or new life. 

Perhaps "New Beginnings" means finding new friends or starting a new hobby or activity. Capture what "New Beginnings" means to you and share your photo or photos on your Photos of the Week page of your wix website. Inspire us!

Funny Monsters

When you walk around town or along a forest pathway, keep your eyes open and look in all directions for your next great shot.


Explore areas where you wouldn't normally go and you're likely to stumble upon interesting abandoned and forgotten objects that make great photography subjects.

There's something about fall that brings out the happy photographer in people. Maybe it's the crisp air with hints of smoke or the explosion of orange and yellow leaves.


Scenery is a bit part of fall. Landscapes, children playing outside raking leaves are all subjects you can find for this Fall Photo of the Week!


Food gives us energy to come to school every day and enjoy our lives.

Veggies? Doughnuts? Soup? Sandwiches?

Our food theme is also a good reason to cook, bake or buy some delicious food for yourself and your classmates.

What perspective will you use to capture your food? Yummmm

Thank you R'Yder for this week's photo of the week. What animals can you find this week? Big animals, small animals, furry animals, scaly animals, animals with wings. Are insects animals? Cows, dogs, cats, fish... what other animals are there?

close up dog.jpg
closeup cow.jpg

Can you capture an intriguing perspective of an animal that is unique? Can you capture the personality of your captured animal?


Snow is white and bright. Here are some tips to take great snow photos:

  1. Look for CONTRAST

  2. Shoot in Aperture Priority Mode to choose your depth of field. High f number means everything in focus Low f number means a slice in focus.

  3. Fresh snow is awesome.

  4. Be patient and wait for light.

  5. Increase exposure a bit so snow looks white and not grey.

  6. Shadows in snow are awesome

  7. Play with perspective.

  8. Take LOTS of photos - you can delete after.

  9. Have fun and experiment.

time potw.jpg

Time. "Remember time lose cannot be regained." How can you capture time? What does time mean in our lives. How can you represent time in a photo?

Is the passage of time a happy thing or a sad thing or a mysterious thing or...

Does time have to be represented by a clock? Can you represent or capture time in a way that does NOT include a clock or watch?

How would you represent time with people or animals or nature or other mechanical way?

Time keeps on slipping into the future... capture time in photo. Have fun. Be creative. 

1: dark and gloomy

2a: Serious, Grave

b: of a dismal or depressing character : MELANCHOLY

c: conveying gloomy suggestions or ideas

3: of a dull or heavy cast or shade : dark colored

fast 1.jpg
fast 2.jpg

1. moving or able to move, operate, function, or take effect quickly; 

quick; swift; rapid:

a fast horse; a fast pain reliever; a fast thinker.

2. done in comparatively little time; taking a comparatively short time:

a fast race; fast work.

What does "fast" look like? Can you capture how "fast" feels or looks with your camera? "Fast" seems to invite the use of shutter speed priority with your camera. Remember 1/60 of a second is the slowest you can probably set your shutter speed and hold your camera in your hands with minimal blur.