Photos of the week themes will be posted here for the rest of the term. Your challenge is to creatively produce at least one photo that evokes the emotion or idea behind the theme and post them to a dedicated "Photos of the Week" gallery on your website. Please include the theme as a label or title for each of your photos.

Remember your photos will be assessed using the following rubric out of 9:
1. Criteria - Did you follow the theme? 

2. Technique - Did you use strong camera technique including lighting sources and camera settings? Does your photograph demonstrate your understanding of the elements of composition? 3

3. Creativity - Does your photo show creativity, a fresh idea, or a unique interpretation of the theme? You could include dynamic perspectives and the assistance of Adobe Photoshop tools for effect but do not over do it! 3

We were reminded it's still winter this week. Winter means cold with the beautiful white snow along with cool looking icicles and people bundled up.

What is cold to you? Ice cream? The way a person might look?

What does cold mean? What does cold look like?

Here is our first photo of the week! Be creative. Have fun.

cold 1.jpg
cold 2.jpg

Everyone loves a yummy dessert! This should be an easy photo of the week for you, especially if it's your birthday - right Paige?

Fill the frame, get lots of light on your dessert, try an f number around 6 or so. Also, how do you feel eating a really yummy dessert? Can you capture that feeling in a photo?

Take your time, compose an interesting image using what you've learned so far and have fun.


"A serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one."

"Be incompatible or at variance; clash."

What does conflict look like. What does conflicted look like? What things clash? What things do not mix or get along well?

Is conflict always a fight? How can you capture that in a photo.


Put some thought into this one and capture a creative image for conflict.

The snow is melting, the sun is shining, kids are playing in new puddles. Birds are chirping, people are venturing outside again and the geese are returning.

Capture spring with your camera viewfinder. What does spring look like to you? Create a story with a single shot.


Look up and see the sky. Day or night? Shutter speed slow with a tripod maybe so you can get lots of light in your camera. Capture the clouds with a large fstop aperture setting. If you include a horizon, put it either on the top third or bottom third. Can you capture a reflection of the sky somehow in a unique way? Maybe include a person looking at the sky in some way to reflect a specific mood or feeling.

When you walk around town or along a forest pathway, keep your eyes open and look in all directions for your next great shot.


Explore areas where you wouldn't normally go and you're likely to stumble upon interesting abandoned and forgotten objects that make great photography subjects.

Funny Monsters

How can you capture snow? What is wonderful about snow? What is awful about snow? How do we play in snow? How do we get rid of snow? Can you capture the movement of snow from a shovel or when thrown or falling from the sky? Try setting your camera to shutter priority then a slow speed like 1/4 and then a fast speed like 1/100 and see what you get.


Food gives us energy to come to school every day and enjoy our lives.

Veggies? Doughnuts? Soup? Sandwiches?

Our food theme is also a good reason to cook, bake or buy some delicious food for yourself and your classmates.

What perspective will you use to capture your food? Yummmm

What could be lovelier than a tree? There are big trees, small trees, colorful trees, trees with lots of leaves, bare trees, dead trees and tall trees.

Looking up you can capture an interesting viewpoint. Or close up, bark can look interesting. Use the light to your advantage. 

Our ancient forest trip will give you lots of opportunity to capture your photo of the week. Have fun!


With all the rain this week, reflections should be easy to find. Reflection shows another way of looking at something. Dual images of the same thing.

We can also feel reflective. How would you capture someone feeling reflective?

You can also capture reflections in many different ways: mirrors, windows, hubcaps, puddles, lakes, cars hoods and other things with reflective surfaces.

Think outside the box and find a story in a captured reflection. Have fun!

Plants are alive, your friends are alive, your pets are alive, your little brother or sister is alive, bugs and birds are alive.

Capture something alive with your camera. If it moves, consider setting your camera to shutter speed priority to freeze it's motion.

time potw.jpg

Time. "Remember time lost cannot be regained." How can you capture time? What does time mean in our lives. How can you represent time in a photo?

Is the passage of time a happy thing or a sad thing or a mysterious thing or...

Does time have to be represented by a clock? Can you represent or capture time in a way that does NOT include a clock or watch?

How would you represent time with people or animals or nature or other non-mechanical way?

Time keeps on slipping into the future... capture time in a photo. Have fun. Be creative. 

fast 1.jpg
fast 2.jpg

1. moving or able to move, operate, function, or take effect quickly; 

quick; swift; rapid:

a fast horse; a fast pain reliever; a fast thinker.

2. done in comparatively little time; taking a comparatively short time:

a fast race; fast work.

What does "fast" look like? Can you capture how "fast" feels or looks with your camera? "Fast" seems to invite the use of shutter speed priority with your camera. Remember 1/60 of a second is the slowest you can probably set your shutter speed and hold your camera in your hands with minimal blur.